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Husqvarna 2002_WR_CR250_WR360 manual
Husqvarna 2002_WR_CR250_WR360 manual
husqvarna 2002_WR_CR250_WR360 manual.pdf
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Husqvarna_CR-WR125 OWNER manual
Husqvarna_CR-WR125 OWNER manual
Husqvarna_CR-WR125 OWNER manual.pdf
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Husqvarna_TE-TC-SM570 OWNER manual
Husqvarna_TE-TC-SM570 OWNER manual
Husqvarna_TE-TC-SM570 OWNER manual.pdf
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Husqvarna Motorcycle History

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Husqvarna produces mainly motorcycles for motocross, enduro. But it turns out, Husqvarna is the oldest in Europe, a company that produces motorcycles. At the end of the 19th century produced Husqvarna bikes, and in 1903 built the first motorcycle.


The motor was used from another manufacturer, but the frame and motorcycle design was his own. First own engine was created in 1920, it was a volume of 550 cm3 engine, similar in construction to the Harley Davidson (Manuals PDF page) motors and Indiana, and then started the production of engines. In the 30s of the last century in Sweden could drive a motorcycle with an engine displacement of less than 100 cm3 without rights (as we have scooters and mopeds to 50 cm3) and Husqvarna has mastered the production of low-power light motorcycle with an engine displacement of 98 cm3. This bike was a huge success. Already with 40-50 years of motorcycle production company began making a bias towards simplicity, reliability, good terrain with ease construction.


Silver arrow Model 1957 was perhaps the first, which can be attributed to non-existent back then enduro. In 1986, Husqvarna was bought by an Italian company Cagiva (PDF Manuals), but it did not affect the manufactured products, develop new models, the Husqvarna went on to win the competition (a total of 50 victories in the World Cup!). And in 2007, the brand has already bought the Husqvarna Group BMW (Manuals page). But it also does not affect neither the lineup, not even on a proprietary coloring motorcycles.


Husqvarna has a rich history and a rich sporting victories incredible motorcycles. Husqvarna's motorcycle history began in 1903 when the company moved from manufacturing to the production of bicycles motorcycles. At that time, the company was engaged in manufacturing Husqvarna frames, in which the engine is installed other companies, such as FN, Moto-Rive and NSU.


On the first models of motorcycles and engines installed capacity of 250 and 500 cubic meters. see companies Sturmey-Archer and JAP. In 1920, Husqvarna has built its factory for the manufacture of engines. The first engine was released by four V-twin engine with the angle between the axes of the cylinders 50 degrees and side-valve. The design was similar engines with similar engine companies Harley-Davidson and Indian. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, the Husqvarna performed in many world championships and have achieved very good results, proved to be excellent. 

Riders on the Husqvarna scored many victories in competitions such as the International Six Days, Grand Prix and TT. One reason for the success of the company was that the designer Folke Mannershtedt one of the first to use light alloys in engines and other components of the motorcycle. This has improved the ratio of power - the mass.


Since the mid 1930s, Husqvarna has decided to end its participation in motorcycle races, partly due to the fact that the demand for large motorcycles conventional buyers began to fall. In 1936, our own production of engines for large motorcycles were discontinued. But later these engines in modified form used by the company Albin.


In 1935, Husqvarna Motorcycles has started to manufacture two-stroke motorcycles. Soon light motorcycles Husqvarna gained popularity. Within a few years before the Second World War, the company has released many thousands of machines. In 1946 the bike was designed Svartkvarna, which became the prototype of the lungs, reliability and durability of motorcycles, the ability to successfully compete with cars in the postwar years. In 1957 he was presented the bike "Silver Arrow" start of a new era in the history of Husqvarna.


This lightweight sports model of the new type with 175 cc engine, and weighing less than 75 kg. A little later, the company released another version of this bike - "Golden Arrow", with 200 cc engine. But the Swedish authorities were advised to limit the production of Husqvarna 175 bottoms versions, as they found that 200 cc bike is too fast for the Swedish roads! Both models have become an excellent basis to create a better sport motorcycles. This was the beginning of the legendary era of motocross, which brought Husqvarna's many victories, both in Europe and in the international championships.


Since 1969 Husqvarna two-stroke engines with a displacement of 360 cc and 400. see supplanted with leading positions four-stroke engines with a displacement of 500 cubic meters. cm. In the early 1970s the company was engaged in the export of sporting Husqvarna motorcycles. But the production of Husqvarna motorcycles in Sweden lasted only until 1987.


Gorgeous 84-year era of Husqvarna motorcycles come to an end, and the production of its motorcycles took the company Cagiva.


In 2007, BMW bought Husqvarna production motorcycle company MV Agusta (Manuals PDF page), which owns Cagiva, and also signed an agreement on the use of the brand Husqvarna for modern motorcycles.