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Simson AWO Parts Manual
Simson AWO Parts Manual
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History of Simson Motorcycles

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Simson - a former German company that produced weapons, cars, motorcycles and mopeds.


The name Simson was reintroduced as a trademark for mopeds made at the plant in the former German Democratic Republic (DDR). Simson mopeds were produced in the city of Suhl until 2002.


The company was part of the IFA.


In 1983, the company sold a license for the Simson M531 / 541 KG-40 engines to the Riga plant Sarkanā Zvaigzne for installation on mopeds Riga, and later to the Lviv motor plant for mopeds installation Lviv.


Also, after the production was closed, the license was sold to the Molot plant in the Vyatskiye Polyany, where it was named VP-50. A similar engine was installed at Izh Cornet.

In 1871, Herschel Simson bought an additional bicycle factory, under this brand began to produce bicycles.


Since 1880, began to make hunting rifles, which received world fame.


From 1907 to 1934, the company began to produce and cars, including racing.


After the WW2, the brand name Simson was retained. Since 1953, it began to produce Simson AWO-425 motorcycles with a four-stroke 250 cc motor and a gimbal drive. And since the early 1960s and moped with two-stroke engines.


SR1 - the first moped company, produced since 1955


Model of moped Schwalbe KR51 / 1 for its performance characteristics and unique design, is still considered to be cult, in Germany, not inferior even to the Italian Vespa.


The last mokiks of the Simson brand were manufactured in late 2002, and from February 1, 2003, Simson was declared bankrupt and ceased to exist.