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History of PGO Scooters

PGO Motorcycle Manual PDF above the page.


PGO Automobiles Company, last manufacturer of production cars in France takes a double challenge to design and manufacture exclusive as well as original vehicles.


The tradition mastery as well as French craftsmanship will see car amateurs finding outstanding vehicles courtesy of PGO.


This scooter company came into being in the year 1964, and signed a technological partnership with Piaggio of Italy which would last between 1972 and 1982.


The company has gained a global service reputation due to its superior technology which enables the manufacturing of vehicle engines that are durable, exhibit high performance as well as promoting an environment friendly atmosphere.


Their scooter engines are specially designed using their superior technology that enhances their durability. You will enjoy a smooth ride enhanced by a powerful horsepower.


The impressive dexterity as well as power delivered by their engines gives them a competitive advantage over their competitors.


The company’s new technologically developed pistons are manufactured from special materials available in NASA which have special quality like to endure high temperature, friction resistance, durability and many other special features make the company the best choice for customers.


The 4-valve engine is incomparable to other offers in the industry.

Another lucrative offer is the 4-Valve engine infused with special NASA Technology. The engine offers users an efficient, smooth as well as a balanced ride.


To be able to offer a solution to customers against the traditional engine which lacked the ability to deliver or provide power at the exposure of a low RPM, this company has a system referred to as HTR that solved the problem.


Other special features of this model of engine include high performance, robustness and low emission that promote a healthy environment.


The sport scooter is also an exclusive product offered by PGO.


The design has been awarded among the best due to its ability in maintaining agility, reinforced chassis and a braking system that is ventilated among other features that are posted on the company’s website.


In terms of safety, the design team at PGO has included the safest best gears on the new renovation which surpass what other local manufacturers offer.


Many other special features characterize PGO products including the 4V model which has been termed as a road champion.


The company has an interactive communication system enabling customers to make inquiries and put their issues forward which are responded to fast and satisfactorily.


The value the company offers its customers has made it rise above other companies in the industry.


They treat their customers with utmost respect providing the most favorable environment for trade.