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Puch Minicross Manual
Puch Minicross Manual
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Puch Korado Owner's Maintenance
Puch Korado Owners Maintenance
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Puch Magnum Owner's Maintenance Manual
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Puch Moto
Puch 500 n 1933

History of Puch Motorcycles

Some PUCH Motorcycle Manuals PDF are above the page - Minicross, Korado, Magnum.


The Austrian automotive industry is simply impossible to imagine without the Puch concern.


The founder of the company Johann Puch, like many automakers of those times, began his offspring with the release of bicycles, and in 1898 motorcycles were added to them.


Only in 1906, having gained experience, having thoroughly understood the intricacies of European automotive industry and secured the support of a specialist in engineering circles, Karl Slefogt, did Puch decide to manufacture the first machine.


After the war ended, the popularity of scooters and motorcycles increased many times, and, as you know, Puch never had a problem with them.


A return to the automotive industry dates back to 1959, when the company launched the production of Italian Fiat 500 compacts.


At present, the legendary German Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUVs are produced in Austria, and more recently, the assembly of American-made Chrysler cars has been arranged there.