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Chang Jiang KL750
Chang Jiang CJ750 Owner's Manual
Chang Jiang CJ750 Owner's Manual
Chang Jiang CJ750 Owner's Manual.pdf
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History of Chang-Jiang Motorcycles

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The history of Chang-Jiang begins in pre-war Germany, where BMW manufactures R71 motorcycles.


After the war, copies of these models began to be produced by the Soviet Union under the name M71 and M72. And as a result of Soviet-Chinese relations, with the technical assistance of the USSR, the production of the legendary copies of the M72 was established in Nanchang.


Which are successfully produced and still retain their original appearance. They exist as completely preserved, down to such trifles as 6V wiring.


So are the modernized versions, which retained the unchanged appearance, but equipped with modern components and 12V electrical equipment.


In addition, Chang-Jiang produces a replica of the legendary Czech motorcycle JAWA from the 50s. Also keeping the original look.


The line of manufactured products is also supplemented by small-capacity motorcycles and scooters.