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MONTESA Motorcycle Manuals PDF

Montesa Cota 247 Manual
Montesa Cota 247 Manual
Montesa Cota 247 Manual.pdf
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Montesa Cota 348 1978 Parts list
Montesa Cota 348 1978 Parts list
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Montesa Cota 330 Mod 61M Owners Manual
Montesa Cota 330 Mod 61M Owners Manual
Montesa Cota 330 Mod 61M Owners Manual.p
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History of Montesa Motorcycles

Some MONTESA Motorcycle Manuals PDF are above the page - Cota 247, 348, 330.


Manufacturer - Montesa-Honda, S.A.


The Spanish company Montesa, now a well-known manufacturer of light and sports motorcycles, was created in 1941 as a closer of trucks designed for transporting shells.


The company put quite peaceful engineering equipment on military trucks.


In 1945, Montesa changed its profile and began manufacturing light motorcycles equipped with 1-cylinder, 2-stroke power units.


By the end of the summer of 1945, the first five prototypes of future Montesa brand motorcycles premiered, and in the fall of that year, the Spaniards won the Gran-Prix in the class of stock cubic motorcycles.

In the 1950s, the company launched a motorcycle project for road racing.


In the 1960s, the production of sports off-road motorcycles began under the Montesa brand, the premiere of the trial model Montesa Cota, which subsequently repeatedly showed itself at the World and European Championships, took place.


In general, until the mid-1980s, Montesa motorcycles showed themselves well in many races and rallies, but the cancellation of restrictions on the import of motorcycles in Spain led the company to a crisis.


In 1986, the company was incorporated into the Japanese concern Honda, which allowed the Spaniards to get out of a difficult situation.


At the moment, a joint Montesa-Honda company, in addition to a wide range of scooters and motorcycles under the Honda brand, which includes models from the 50 cc scooter SFX50 to the 650 cc 2- cylinder Deauville motorcycle.


A motorcycle for the trial Montesa Cota 315R is available, equipped with a 1-cylinder 2-stroke power unit for liquid cooling.