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Review of Acabion GTBO Motorcycle

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The mega-fast motorcycle was gaining popularity very quickly as easily as speed.


This device, called the Acabion GTBO, was developed by the Acabion concern in New York with the support of Mikola Systems Lucerne. It's equipped with a completely closed body and several wheels.


The chauffeur in this model sits in a chair with the same comfort as in the car and enjoys the view through the windshield.


However, picking up the maximum speed, which Acabion is perfectly capable of, the whole panorama before your eyes turns into a narrow sector of the road.


The Acabion GTBO is powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa four-cylinder gasoline engine and reaches a top speed of 547 km / h.


Also Acabion has very good cross-country ability and go on any road. But the idea of this device plans to develop an individual track towering above the ground.


of this machine, the Acabion is expected to become a global transport.