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Moto Morini Motorcycle History

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Alfonso Morini, born in 1892, another in 1922 became one of the founders of the motorcycle mm. After leaving his partners in 1927, ten years later, he founded his own company, unpretentious called "Moto Morini". First motorcycle Morini (a trademark received motorcycles) began light motorcycles with 125 and 175-cc four-stroke engines. During the war, the company was destroyed during the bombing, but by 1946 Morini brand reappeared on the motorcycle market. Now it was the analogue of the prewar CST with 125 cc two-stroke engine, a three-stage gearbox and a parallelogram front fork, adding a candle rear suspension. In 1948 came the first racing bike "Morini", prepared for the road-racing circuit. Engine cylinder capacity of 125 cm3 and a power of 12 hp got the drive chain camshaft in the cylinder head. By 1952 the engine power increased to 16 hp, gearbox became a four. This machine was able to win at several stages of the world "Grand Prix". In 1954 he was replaced by a 175-cubes version on which the rider Emilio Mendogni became the champion of Italy in its class. The following year, in a series went OHV 175 cc motorcycle "Settebello Sports», based at the title of the machine.


In 1955 he debuted 175-cubes model Rebello, designed for road racing over long distances. Engine power 22 hp allow the bike to accelerate to 170 km / h. In the 1956 season, this car won the victory in the race, "Milan - Taranto" and "Giro d'Italia». After a year on the basis of this machine was made of 250-cubes version with a 29-horsepower engine that took two camshafts in the cylinder head. Drive timing this time was made a gear. In the 1958 season the power of this machine was increased to 32 hp, speed increased to 210 km / h. Motorcycle received duplex tubular frame and duplicate ignition system. At the "Grand Prix of Monza" racers Mendon, Zubani and Ubbiali took respectively the first, second and third place in the class.


Continuous program "Moto Morini" except 175-cc machines in 1956 supplemented 98-cubic model Sbarazzino. A year later, the upgraded version with engine cylinder capacity of 175 cm3 got the name Tresette and Tresette Sport. A little later they added 125-cubes machine, called Corsaro.


Piggy sporting success and the company continues to grow: in the 60s. Famous in the future Giacomo Agostini  won the Italian championship among juniors in the class of 175 cm of the season 1963. Mendon in the same season he became the champion of Italy in the 125 cc class, and the next year - in a class of 175 cm3 three times - in 1961, 1962 and 1963 - Tarquinio Provini became the champion of Italy and the class of 250 cm3, and in 1964 he repeated his success Agostini.


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In 1963 he debuted the first moped "Morini". 48-cc Corsarino was produced in several versions. Motorcycle "Le Corsaire" offers not only 125, but with 150-cc engine. In late 1965, the company presented a road version of Settebello GTE with 247-Kubo-tion 18-horsepower engine. B 1966 "Le Corsaire" and appeared in the off-road version, and two years later he made his debut and "Corsarino scramblers."


The founder of the company, Alfonso Morini, died in 1969. Specific policy changes the company after his death has not undergone. By that time, the company has gathered a rich harvest of awards and in off-road competitions, where he successfully launched Morini motorcycles with OHV engine cylinder capacity of 100, 125 and 175 cm 3, which had the timing rod. So, in 1967, racers Dossena, Collin and Gritti won the Italian championship in motocross in all three classes.


Probably, the most famous motorcycle brand Moto Morini appeared at the Milan showroom in 1971. It was a model of "350," created under the direction of designer Franco Lambertini. In a tubular frame duplex located 350 cc OHV V-twin cylinder of different engine power of 35 hp, combined with a six-speed gearbox. Camber angle of the cylinders is 72 °, while the cylinders were moved in different directions and are spaced 50 mm apart. Curiously, the inside of the cylinder head was completely flat, and the combustion chamber are placed in the bottom of the piston. Drilling gas distribution mechanism was driven camshaft, which was located in the collapse of the cylinders and the drive short toothed belt. Motorcycle packaged with contactless electronic ignition system it speed reached 165 km / h. Version "Sport" was boosted to 39 hp engine. Since 1973, this version was designated Strada.


By 1976, all the old models have been discontinued. Model "Strada" was renamed the "31/2", and the flagship program of Moto Morini was the same motorcycle model "500 V» V-neck 500-cc overhead valve engine producing 45 hp Were prepared as two single-cylinder models - "125" (123 sm3,14 hp) and "250" (239.3 cm 3, 18.5 hp). In fact, the engines of these machines were the halves of larger engines, only 250-cubic version was a five-speed gearbox. Light motorcycles equipped with a 6-volt equipment, heavy machinery on board voltage was 12 V. All four motorcycle got disc front brake, the lightest model "125" was completed spitsovannymi wheels, on the other wheels were cast.


Appeared later models Moto Morini have left a mark on history. In 80 years there have been several evolutionary changes, but the gamma motor practically preserved. Besides road motorcycles produced version in the style of "enduro", such as Camel 501 , but not much success they have earned. In 1986, the company "Moto Morini" came under the jurisdiction of the Castiglioni brothers, owners of the concern Cagiva (Manuals page). Until 1991 Moto Morini motorcycles yet met in the sale, and then disappeared with the motorcycle market.