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Confederate Parts Manual
Confederate Parts Manual
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Confederate C3X132 Hellcat
Confederate C3X132 Hellcat

History of CONFEDERATE Motorcycle

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Confederate Motors is the manufacturer of original street bikes. The company's lineup consists of premium-class motorcycles, which are produced in limited quantities and are characterized by excellent design and original engineering solutions. The former lawyer Matthew Chambers stood at the origins of the designated motorcycle company.


In 1991, tired of everyday worries, he sold his law firm and decided to devote himself to an old dream - the production of motorcycles. Soon, the Chambers company assembled the first models. The most famous of them were P120 Fighter, B120 Wraith and X132 Hellcat. In just a few years after its appearance,


Confederate Motors Company deserved the love and respect among motorists all over the world. Among the owners of motorcycles of this brand are such movie and sports stars as Tom Cruise, David Beckham, John Travolta, Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage.


It is worth noting that Tom Cruise and David Beckham, inspired by the structure and design of these motorcycles, even created a closed club of fans of the brand Confederate, which was named "Midnight Boys".