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Piaggio Vespa Super Manual
Piaggio Vespa Super Manual
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.9 MB
Piaggio Vespa Super Sport 180cc Operation & Maintenance Manual
Piaggio Vespa Super Sport 180cc Operation & Maintenance Manual
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.8 MB
Piaggio Vespa 90 Operation & Maintenance Manual
Piaggio Vespa 90 Operation & Maintenance Manual
Adobe Acrobat Document 9.0 MB

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History of Vespa Scooters

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Vespa designed by aeronautical engineer Corradino De Ascanio commissioned by Enrique Piaggio.


The machine has been designed from scratch without regard to traditional motorcycles. At the core were different, aviation principles. Namely: the combination of functions and the rejection of all superfluous.


A characteristic feature of this model - frameless design.


The role played monocoque frame, simple stamped panel that connects the spot welding.


Engine with horizontal cylinder (working volume of 91 cc, 3.3 hp power at 4500 rev / min) was interlocked with the three-stage gearbox, transfer switch rotary knob on the steering wheel.

Designer refused to reverse gear - drive wheel landed on the shank of the secondary shaft of the gearbox.


The power unit, weighed only 26 pounds, with the wheel swung on a pendulum fork.


Small wheels with tires in size 3,50-8 "is cantilevered and had the unusual design of the two halves.


The engine was located to the right of the drive wheel and closed convex stamped cover. Left for symmetry was made the same housing, which is placed under the spare tire.


The gas tank was in the rear of the scooter. The first Vespa was very technologically to manufacture (and therefore which pays) and quickly gained popularity.


In 1948, on scooters were put 125 cc engine with 4 hp, and in 1953 its capacity increased to 4, 5 liters..


After increasing the working volume of 150 cc capacity increased to 5.5 hp licenses for the production of Vespa bought many factories: English Douglas, German Hoffmann, American Allstate, Spanish MOTO VESPA and French Volose-leke.