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ZNEN Scooter Manual PDF

ZNEN ZN150T-9 Owner Manual
ZNEN ZN150T-9 Owner Manual
ZNEN ZN150T-9 Owner Manual.pdf
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ZNEN 50 Scooter

ZNEN Motorcycle History

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Zongnen is a large industrial group in China that produces motorcycles and cars. Zongnen (ZNEN) was founded in 1996 and for a short time of its existence made a big leap in development. Initially, the Chinese company was only collecting scooters, but quickly mastered the production of its own scooter and motorcycle models, and since 2000, it has also started the production of cars - mini trucks, pickups, SUVs.


All ZNEN products are certified and supplied to more than 50 countries. For export is more than 80% of all products. Annually the company produces about 300 thousand units of motorcycles and up to 80 thousand cars.


All models of scooters and motorcycles Zongnen - ZN250T-D, ZN250T-10, ZN250T-B, ZN151T-F, ZN150T-18A (PATENT), ZOOM ZOOM (ZN150T-18), ZN150T-5A (PATENT), ZNEN KING (ZN150T- 9, ZN150T-5D, ZN150T-30, ZN150T-32, ZN150T-7B, ZN150T-5D, ZN150T-24, ZN150T-5, ZN150T-7C, ZN150T-5B, ZN150T-20, ZN150-6 / ZN125-6 (EEC), ZN125 (EEC), ZN100-A, ZN100 (EEC), ZN110, ZN150-9, ZN125-11, ZN125-10, ZN125-9, ZN125-8 , ZN50QT-15E, ZN50QT-15D, ZN50QT-A, ZN50QT-15, ZN50QT-12, ZN50QT-12, ZN50QT-E (NEW), ZN50QT-6, ZN50QT-15A, ZN50QT-11, ZN50QT-32, ZN50QT-29, ZN50QT-11G, ZN50QT-E


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