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Mi-Val Libretto Owner's Manual
Mi-Val Libretto Owner's Manual
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1957 Mi-Val 200 TV
1957 Mi-Val 200 TV
Mi-Val 200 TV

History of Mi-Val Motorcycles

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Mi-Val was founded in 1950 by Ettore Minganti. Mi-Val made parts for the Beretta.


The first motorcycle, Mi-Val 125 T2, was a copy of the German DKW RT125.


Mi-Val produced its own engines, both 2-stroke and 4-stroke, some of the latter having twin overhead camshafts, and supplied powertrains to other manufacturers.


The Mi-Val 175 was acclaimed that Moto-Islo, bought out the rights to manufacture the Mi-Val 175 engine under license.


In 1954, Mi-Val split from the motorcycle business to made and sell the Mivalino KR175 & KR200 microcars. It was a 3-stage bubble car made under license from Messerschmitt.


After the death of Ettore Minganti, market forced MI-Val to abandon motorcycle production and return to the machine tools they had been doing before WW2.


The company was eventually sold to Beretta, and by the mid-1960s, Mi-Val motorcycles no longer existed.