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Quasar 50-180 2004 Manual
Quasar 50-180 2004 Manual
Quasar 50-180 2004 Manual.pdf
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Quasar 125 180 2004 Manual
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History of Quasar Motorcycles

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The Quasar is a "feet forward" type motorcycle with a roof, invented by Malcolm Newell and Ken Leaman, whose production spanned between 1975 and 1982.


This model is based on the engine of the Reliant Robin 3-wheeled car, and can reach, or even exceed, in good conditions, 145 to 160 km / h2.


The driver sits, feet forward, in the passenger compartment, unlike more conventional motorcycles where he usually rides the vehicle.


The Quasar has a roof covering its driver, which is unusual for this type of vehicle. The motorcycle has a laminated glass windshield and wipers, like a car.


The cockpit structure forces the driver to move his head often to avoid blind spots due to the metal uprights on the sides.


A 60 L storage trunk is available behind the driver.


One such project was the Phasar, powered by a massive Kawasaki Z1300 6-cylinder engine, but without a roof.