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Sondors Metacycle e-Motorcycle User Manual
Sondors Metacycle e-Motorcycle User Manual
Sondors Metacycle e-Motorcycle User Manu
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SONDORS Metacycle

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Sondors introduced its first electric motorcycle called the Metacycle in 2021.


The new motorcycle claims to be the first truly affordable e-motorcycle suitable for both city and highway trips.


Of course, terms like "cheap" and "budget" will always be relative, even after the premiere of Sondors Metacycle.


But by comparison, the world has already accepted the $29, 799 Harley-Davidson LiveWire.


So the Sondors Metacycle, which will cost just $5, 000, is comparatively cheap.


And, despite the low price compared to the rest of the electric motorcycle industry, the Sondors Metacycle is quite capable on the road.


The novelty reaches a top speed of 130 km/h thanks to a powerful engine in the rear hub with a nominal power of 8 kW and a peak power of 14. 5 kW.


The removable battery in the model with a capacity of 4000 Wh is capable of providing a range of travel on a single charge up to 130 km.


It's sad to report bad news in such an announcement, but passport expectations on highways are always far short of real ones.


It will be possible to achieve a range of 130 km from a single charge on such a motorcycle only at a speed of about 40 - 50 km / h, that is, in urban operation.


Despite this, the Sondors Metacycle seems to be built specifically for suburban travel, or for a combination of city driving and short highway rides.


This bike is not a pleasure cruiser, but a vehicle designed to take the driver out of his boring compact van into a faster, more efficient and less expensive mode of transport.


At least that's what Sondors founder Storm Sondors says.


The new electric motorcycle weighs just 91kg and is built on a distinctive aluminum frame with a hollow space right where the fuel tank would normally be.


This is a great demonstration of the freedom to ride motorcycles that electric motorcycle designers have used to demonstrate their potential in comparison to old-fashioned engines and fuel tanks.


The upside-down front fork looks like it's been pulled from a higher-priced bike, and Bybre's hydraulic disc brakes seem to do a fine job of stopping such a light e-bike.


At $5, 000, the bike doesn't have too many fancy features.


But Sondors still managed to add some interesting features to the bike, such as a transparent top box where you can put your phone in front of your eyes and charge it wirelessly at the same time.


The bike is also equipped with innovative turn signals, with front signals integrated into the LED headlights.


However, the lack of expensive bells and whistles has helped the Sondors team fit into a price point that no other company can match.


The hub motor helped further reduce the complexity and cost of the bike, while the somewhat modest capacity battery provides a decent range.


A full charge of the Sondors Metacycle from a conventional outlet takes 4 hours, although this process takes much less time at street charging stations for electric vehicles.


The pre-order for the novelty is already open with the start of deliveries in October 2021.