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Megelli Sport 250RR User Manual
Megelli Sport 250RR User Manual
Megelli Sport 250RR User Manual.PDF
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History of Megelli Motorcycles

A MEGELLI Motorcycle Owner Manual PDF is above the page - Sport 250RR.


The company was founded in 2004.


Today, Megelli products, like Moto Guzzi motorcycles, are in high demand in ten countries in Europe.


With the help of Barry Hall's experience and contacts with motorcycle development specialists, the company managed to move from an initial vision to the production of Megelli motorcycles in three years.


The first designer sketches of motorcycles were released in mid-2005, and already in September 2007, the first tests were carried out.


Motorcycles of the brand are developed and created in the UK, purchased elements from China are also used, along with the final assembly in China.

About 75 percent of the structural elements are manufactured by companies from Taiwan, including SYM engines from the famous Hyundai company from Korea, which have advanced technical characteristics and ceramic cylinders.


To date, Megelli produces three motorcycles with the same four-stroke engines of 125 cc and a capacity of 15 hp.


Also, these power units have a DENI carburetor, a five-speed transmission, electronic ignition, an electric starter and reliable disc brakes.


Also today, the company produces a power unit of 250 cc, which is intended for the markets of Australia and the United States.


The latest engine is an optimized version of the current engine of 124.1 cc, but with increased displacement and cooling through liquids.