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Manual Minsk MMVZ-3
Manual Minsk MMVZ-3
Manual Minsk MMVZ-3.pdf
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Minsk Repair Manual
Minsk Repair Manual
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History of Minsk Motorcycles

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The production of motorcycles in Minsk dates back to 1951. The prototype was the German model DKW RT125, which has been in service with the Wehrmacht since 1941.


In 1951, the first Minsk M1A motorcycle was launched - compact and single, with an unsprung rear wheel - the blows were softened by two spiral saddle springs. In front, a parallelogram fork with one spring was used, 19-inch wheels with stamped steel hubs.


The engine cylinder was cast iron, a simple mesh air filter was equipped with a starting mesh air filter was equipped with a starting damper, the electrical equipment included a DC generator and a battery.


The 2011 MINSK C4 250 is built on a completely new platform, it has a modern look, alloy wheel disks and two-disc front brakes.


MINSK R250 2012 is a development of Megelli, which was introduced into production without simplification and cost reduction.


The engine has water cooling and a six-speed gearbox.


It is estimated: over the 60 years of the company's existence, more than 6.5 million motorcycles have been sold.