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Manual Minsk MMVZ-3
Manual Minsk MMVZ-3
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Minsk Motorcycles History

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In 1951, the Minsk-based Motovelo, issued already by the time a simple but reliable bikes for teenagers - "Eaglet" and "Swallow" from the Moscow Motor Plant was sent equipment for the manufacture of motorcycles "Moscow" under the label M1A, in fact, are copies of the German «DKW RT125» (Manual page). Thus, the company launched production of light 125 cc motorcycles, which were the main products in the market and have won at the expense of low price and high reliability.


Initially, the model M1A is a single-motorcycle with unsprung rear wheel and spring telescopic fork. Cylinder engine made of cast iron and had a cast scavenge ports and small fins. Use simple carburetor K-30 with a 16 mm diameter diffuser. As simple, but at the same time robust mesh vozduhofiltr was shuttered, closing that enrich the fuel mixture by reducing the air intake. The electrical system consists of a DC generator and battery. Engine power was 4.25 horsepower at 4,500 revolutions per minute of the crankshaft, allowing speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour. 


In 1956 he began to produce the upgraded model of motorcycle Minsk M1M. It has already been used floating axle rear wheel with spring shock absorbers. Thanks to the damper significantly softened suspension. Telescopic fork engineers was replaced by the front fork of short-push-type spring shock absorbers. The model M1M Minsk motorcycle was first used electrical equipment, operating on alternating current. Together with the common parts Minsk motorcycle and engine changed - instead of cast steel cylinder bores drilled purge used with aluminum caps. It was established, the carburetor 55 with a diameter of 20 mm cone and a new cylinder head with increased compression ratio. All this is possible to increase the capacity of the motorcycle Minsk to 5 horsepower and increase the maximum speed of 75 km / h. M1M different model compared to its predecessor, the original form of a deep welded wings and surprisingly soft suspension, which, however, reduces the stability of the car on bad roads.

In 1961, to replace the bike came M1M M-103, which has been re-installed telescopic front fork, but used hydraulic shock absorbers, aligning both the front and rear wheels. Several changed. Now the bike Minsk had shaped wings, but so deep as before. Engine and transmission remained unchanged, while the net was installed instead of contact-oil air filter significantly improves air purification.


In 2003, started production modification MMVZ-3.113.5 under the brand "Leader", which has a few "cosmetic" changes compared with its predecessors. In the same year, on the basis of "Leader" was released a model with four-stroke engine with electric start and 5 speed gearbox. Minsk received a new bike serial number MMVZ-3.114, and for the most part it is, at the moment, is exported to the CIS countries and the near abroad.


In addition to the model-MMVZ 3.114 in the production program there and trike (cargo bike) under the name C-3.901.


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