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Hero Stallion & Panther Motor Service Manual
Hero Stallion & Panther Motor Service Manual
Hero Stallion Panther Motor Service Manu
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Hero Splendor
Hero Splendor
Hero Xtreme 200R
Hero Xtreme 200R

History of Hero Motorcycles

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The company first used Honda technology in the motorcycle industry. But all the technical characteristics are only a little reminiscent of the similarities.


Constructors and designers managed to work on its appearance. The models have modern design and electrical equipment. The developers are constantly working on the development of unconventional types of motorcycles.


Releasing a wide variety of models. A diesel motorcycle was installed on the RNT 150. And an electric motor was installed on the Hero iON model. With productive lithium-air battery technology and hydrogen fuel cell.


The company spares no expense in developing new, modern ideas and applies them successfully. Use of magnetic levitation (zero friction) for drive and braking in traction motors.


Hero M-link suspension (instead of springs, a special fluid is used that can change viscosity under the influence of a magnetic field), an on-board computer automatically adjusts the suspension using various sensors. Spokeless wheels.


Using gyroscopes to keep the motorcycle stable. All this speaks about the release of a motorcycle of the future, which will meet all the requirements of the modern consumer.