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Thumpstar Service Manual
Thumpstar Service Manual
Thumpstar Service Manual.pdf
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Thumpstar 140
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Thumpstar TSX 125 LE

History of Thumpstar

THUMPSTAR Motorcycle Manual PDF is above the page.


Thumpstar is the original mini moto/pit bike introduced into Australia.


Thumpstar has become the most well recognized minibike worldwide. In total Thumpstar has sold 40,000 motorcycles and distributed to most western countries, like New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, Europe, Russia and South Africa. 


Thumpstar is so well recognized that some people believe Thumpstar is a type of motorcycle rather than a brand. 

Thumpstar was established and founded by Timothy Hunter from Australia in 2004.


He signed with a Taiwanese Company to help build/design the bikes then used a Manufacturing Plant in China and it all took off from there. Selling over 35,000


Thumpstars in 13 months and having dealers in over 20 countries, the success was short lived due to many counterfeit Thumpstar’s  and problems with some of the dealer’s in other countries, things soon came crashing down.


Tim then decided to start fresh with Terra Moto, which by this stage everyone else was is in on the “Mini Moto” “Pit Bike” craze and brand just didn’t take off like Thumpstar.


Early 2010 Hornet Industries PTY LTD took over Thumpstar and gave life back to the brand, with two important goals, 1. high quality that Thumpstar is known for and 2.