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Cezeta 125 516
Cezeta 125 516
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Cezeta 250 471 Colour Code
Cezeta 250 471 Colour Code
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CZ Cezeta History

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History of Chezet goes into the thirties of the twentieth century. First motorcycle production plant were motorbikes, the first - with an engine capacity of 60 cubic meters and mounted on the front wheel was unsuccessful in technical terms.


Then came motorbikes: in 1932 - with a motor of 76 cubic meters, in 1933 - with a 100 cc engine, and after a motorcycle with an engine of 175 cubic meters equipped with a three-stage gearbox and having stamped frame. In 1936 began the production of 250 - vat Chezet motorcycles. But the company is already glorified postwar CZ, a prototype of which was 125 - cc bike that came into production in the late 30's, and had a tubular frame.


After the war, the factory produced Chezet with telescopic front fork, and the following model was equipped with a candle rear suspension. But while in Czechoslovakia dominated mottsikly Jawa (Manuals PDF page). In connection with this story Chezet turned so that in 1954 the company decided to release a motorcycle designed for enterprise Java. These were the 123 and 148- vat motorcycles with two-stroke engines. Thus CZ joined the union Java, that in the time it was justified. But despite the association of plant Chezet was still on his way in the industry mototsikletostoeniya.


In the 50's were produced for racing motorcycles with four-stroke engine, and was designed by Jaroslav Koch scooter Cezeta. In 1960 there was a reorganization and the government decided to move production to another plant.