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Mondial TD 150 L Manual de utilizare
Mondial TD 150 L Manual de utilizare
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History of Mondial Motorcycles

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In 1929, the brothers Carlo, Ettore, Giuseppe and Luigi created the company Fratelli Boselli.


Initially, they were engaged in the production of bicycles and delivery tricycles. But the younger brother, Giuseppe, always dreamed of motorcycle racing.


After the WW2 in 1948, the brothers decided to start production of sports motorcycles under the brand name FB Mondial.


They initially positioned the brand as a manufacturer of high-tech exclusive low-volume models, as opposed to the mass motorcycles MV Augusta, Ducati, Benelli.


Indeed, many of Mondial's technical innovations were far ahead of their time, and motorcycle output did not exceed 2,000 per year.


Roberto Ziletti acquired the Mondial brand and launched the Piega sport bike, Honda out of respect for the brand allowed him to use the engine from his champion RC51 sports bike.


This was the first time Honda had allowed its third-party sports engines to be used.