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Mondial Motorcycles History

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FB - Mondial is an Italian motorcycle manufacturing company which produced bikes for no less than 31 years, between 1948 and 1979. However, the first time we've heard of FB was in 1929 when the four Boselli brother founded FB, which actually stands for Fratelli Boselli, a company which only manufactured and sold bikes and tricycles. 


Twenty years later they managed to build the first 125cc, single cylinder engine which, once installed on a motorcycle, helped the company win multiple Grand Prix races and no less than five World Championships.


Although the company was mostly interested in racing motorcycles it also manufactured multiple appreciated roadsters too, such as the 125cc four stroke bike released in 1950. Even if the company became famous thanks to the competitions in which it participated, after the 1957 season the four brothers had to quit the company due to financial problems. 


The 250cc Mondial bike which participated in the 1957 race was able to reach a top speed of no less than 216 km/h top, its engine producing only 29 horsepower at 10,800rpm. Being especially designed for racing competitions, the Mondial bikes had an attempt to participate to races one more time in 1960 but no important results were recorded.


Mondial didn't produce new motorcycles until 1992, the company being mostly focused on engines provided by other manufacturers. However, in 1992, Mondial was revamped when the son of the firm's owner produced a KTM (Manuals page) 560cc, single cylinder bike. 


In 1999, Roberto Zilleti, a powerful businessman, bought the rights of Mondial. A few years later, after Ziletti's father died, Roberto became responsible of Lastra Group's management. However, Mondial started experiencing financial problems and no important bike was released since then. In the recent period, the company was involved in a few trial competitions but no remarkable successes were achieved.