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HERCULES Motorcycle Manual PDF

Hercules 125 175 250 Instruction Manual
Hercules 125 175 250 Instruction Manual
Hercules 125 175 250 Instruction Manual.
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Hercules Ultra 50

History of Hercules Motorcycles

A HERCULES Motorcycle Manual PDF above the page - 125, 175, 250.


The beginning of the history of Hercules sends us back to 1886, when Henry Marcus opened a bicycle factory.


The company built many good and interesting motorcycles, but today we are talking about one of them - Hercules Ultra 80.


This motorcycle with an 80 cc engine was created on the basis of the Hercules Ultra 50 moped and became not just a moped with more powerful muscles, but a completely new technique of sports orientation, which gained popularity in the 80s.



The motorcycle had an almost automobile dashboard - with a tachometer, all the necessary indicators and warning lights. In general, his tidy looked not on a small motorcycle, but on a quite adult sports bike.


Hercules gradually joined the Sachs company and gradually began to forget about the company. It was she who shocked the whole world with a motorcycle with a Wankel engine