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GAS GAS Motorcycle Manuals PDF

GasGas_TXT_Rookie_2006_Service Manual
GasGas_TXT_Rookie_2006_Service Manual
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GasGas_TXT_Boy 2005_owners manua
GasGas_TXT_Boy 2005_owners manua
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GasGas_TXT_Rookie_2005_parts manual
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Gas Gas_ec2005_service manual
Gas Gas_ec2005_manual
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History of Gas Gas Motorcycles

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Gas Gas notified customers, partners and friends of the brand about the current difficult situation in the company.


As noted in the message, in recent months, the company has experienced several legal procedures aimed at restructuring the debt and continuing work. "Unfortunately, despite numerous diligent attempts to achieve this goal, it was impossible to achieve a solution, therefore, the process of liquidation of Gas Gas Motos SA was announced," the company said.


As part of this process, the current management team of the company, the liquidator and representatives of the staff council are working to collect all the necessary information to start the process of selling the plant and closing the existing sales process to potential buyers as quickly as possible.


At the same time, the sale aims to get the opportunity to revive Gas Gas Motos in such a way that will allow the current team to produce motorcycles, both enduro and trial, and guarantee the viability of the new company.


At this stage, sales of production facilities, Gas Gas representatives will make every effort to guarantee a decent level of service in terms of supply of spare parts and after-sales department work in order to avoid problems with customers during this period.


"On behalf of Gas Gas, we express our sincere gratitude to you for your support in these difficult months and wish to achieve satisfactory results during the sale of the production unit," the company said in a statement.


Gas Gas, based in Salt, is the number one company in the world for producing trial bikes, and the third for enduro motorcycles. Recently, under the control of Gas Gas, two companies have merged - Gas Gas and Ossa, also a motorcycle Catalan company with a long history. Gas Gas stated that it was determined to consolidate the motorcycle industry of Catalonia and bring it to a whole new level of development.


The company intended to promote the Gas Gas brand in every possible way, as well as restart the Ossa brand, with a new positioning and strengthening its international presence. Now the company exports 95% of its products, 63% of its exports go to the European market. Gas Gas produces about 9,000 motorcycles a year, the company directly and indirectly employs about 500 people.