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LAMBRETTA Scooter Manuals PDF

Lambretta Jet 200 Manual
Lambretta Jet 200 Manual
Lambretta Jet 200 Manual.pdf
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Lambretta DUE 50 Owner's Manual
Lambretta DUE 50 Owner's Manual
Lambretta DUE 50 Owner's Manual.pdf
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Lambretta DUE50 Parts Manual
Lambretta DUE50 Parts Manual
Lambretta DUE50 Parts Manual.pdf
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Lambretta 150D LD Instruction Manual
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Lambretta 150D LD Spare Parts Catalogue
Lambretta_150D_LD_Spare_ Parts_Catalogue
Lambretta_150D_LD_Spare_ Parts_Catalogue
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History of Lambretta Scooters

Some LAMBRETTA Scooter Owner & Parts Manuals PDF are above the page - Jet, Due, 150D.


Everyone known in a certain youth culture brand Lambretta founded Fernando Inocenti in 1947.


Fernando himself was born in 1881 in a small Italian town. The father of Inocenti was a blacksmith and after Fernando left school he and his brother began to help their father in blacksmithing. Fernando quickly learned and in a relatively short time to become a famous master of his craft in his town. But he is cramped in this city and he wants to realize his ideas, but this can not be done here.


By the end of the second world warriors, Fernando Inocenti's family and he himself moved to Milan. After the war in Italy played, there is an acute problem with economical means of transportation and after a while Fernando has an idea to open a small factory where he is going to produce scooters.


At the end of the forties, he opened it in the Lambretta area and almost immediately there was a great demand for his products. The brand name comes naturally from the place where the factory is located. Scooters from Lambretta in the early 50's are very popular both in Italy and abroad.


In 1951 Lambretta enters the UK market and begins to ship its products there and this has been a great success for Lambretta. In England, opens in the mid-fifties, opens its own factory for the production of Lambretta products.


Lambretta is a competitor to Vespa.

Scooters from Lambretta are becoming very popular with young people, especially among fans of music SKA. Lambretta advertised this youth movement is very popular in these years in England to become and associate with the Foggy Continent. In the nineties, the company Lambretta is trying to produce clothes of this brand and clothes immediately become a cult for young people.


A little later, there were shoes and she did not remain unseen, Lambretta sneakers, especially in the style of Old School, were bought at an enviable rate. In 1997 Lambretta creates a separate department of clothing and footwear, and this step raises the company to a higher level of sales, as the company begins to produce accessories.


In 1999, the collection of Lambretta watches is published and they also become popular, not only in Britain.


The company Lambretta in recent years has entered the best brands in England and the fact that the clothing is very common symbol of Britain - Union Jack, this only proves that Lambretta has long been considered an English brand of clothing.


Clothing and footwear Lambretta is gaining more and more admirers in the world of youth fashion and it's no accident, because designers of clothing Lambretta managed to combine the traditional classical style of clothes with the new needs of today's youth.


Clothing, footwear accessories and of course the scooter Lambretta is associated with young people as independence and freedom in the traditional English style.