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History of Aspes Motorcycles

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The history of the Aspes brand began in 1955.


The start of the company in the motorcycle business began with the release of the Aspes cross-country motorcycle models, which debuted in 1969, they also became the first devices with the popular Ceriani front fork.


Two years later, the Cross Special motorcycle competes for the first time in the motocross championship. The next premiere of the corporation was a 125 cc prototype. cross copy with a Sachs power unit.


A year later, the final model of this motorcycle under the Apache logo becomes a machine with a Maico motor.


In 1972, Aspes abandoned the supply of spare parts by other companies and began to independently manufacture motors and front forks. Aspes starts cooperation with the Consiglio motorcycle factory and creates a branch under the name Asko.


In 1973, the corporation presented the release of a new model Hopi, designated to participate in the competition on cross and off-road races. A number of sports championships bring bright victories to motorcycles.


In 1976, the concern offered consumers a road-sports motorcycle model Juma 125, which was in great demand and was successfully sold in France and Italy.