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BOSS HOSS Cycles Owner Manual PDF

2005 Boss Hoss Cycles Owner Manual
2005 Boss Hoss Cycles Owner Manual
2005 Boss Hoss Cycles Owner Manual.pdf
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Boss Hoss Cycles
Boss Hoss Cycles

Boss Hoss Cycles History

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Boss Hoss Cycles, was founded in 1990 by Monte Warn, who owns and owns the Boss Hoss Cycles, Inc.


It all started with the creation of a motorcycle, the frame of which was able to squeeze a huge classic American motor Chevy V-8, the volume of 5.7 liters!


Such "engines" put on SUVs Chevrolet Tahoe and coupe Chevrolet Camaro. Have you seen these cars, know their sizes and the approximate price?


So this "2-wheeler", of course, is not in the dimensions, but it costs the same. Correspond to the price and other characteristics of the monster. The curb weight is 600 kg, almost 50 of which are fuel in two tanks.


CAT - automatic, which somewhat reduces the dynamics of acceleration. No wonder the technical characteristics of the car there is no data on the time to overcome the limit of 100 km / h. But according to the sensations of drivers, Boss Hoss issues a "hundred" in no more than 4-5 seconds. And this is not the limit, because there are variants of motorcycles of this brand, whose engines are equipped with a turbo.


Back to the place of creation of the "monster", it happened in a small workshop with an area of less than 500 square meters in the city of Dyersburg.


Monte, being a pilot of commercial aviation and a certified technician in this field, was the first to create a unique motorcycle with a traditional style, as well as the look and feel of the cruiser. This was achieved thanks to unique solutions in the design of the device, for example - the only speed (only one transmission). Correct balancing of the heaviest engine allowed to achieve a low center of gravity, and, consequently, facilitated the controllability of this 600-kilogram horse.


Over the past seventeen years, the production areas of Boss Hoss Cycles, Inc. have grown from their modest beginnings of 500 square meters in Dairesburg to 2,000 square meters in the Monte Carlo store.


The product range also grew, except for "ordinary" two-wheeled motorcycles, began to produce three wheeled vehicles, commonly called trikes.


The products have been significantly improved over the years thanks to the efforts of engineers and designers of Boss Hoss Cycles Inc. There were such improvements as a rear gear, an inverted front fork, hull body panels formed by vacuum and many other new design details helping to improve the comfort and enjoyment of riding a Boss Hoss motorcycle.


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Boss Hoss Rewaco
Boss Hoss Rewaco

All Boss Hoss motorcycles are equipped with Brembo braking systems, for greater reliability. A 32 liter fuel tank and an electronic fuel flow sensor allow you to drive about 210 kilometers without stopping. For additional comfort of riders of different sizes and driving style, 10-centimeter footrests are attached in front and behind the apparatus. To be sure, that Boss Hoss always looks the best, the abundance of chrome parts becomes the standard for all motorcycles and trikes.


Since 1990, the Boss Hoss devices impress everyone. More than 40 dealers around the world and more than 4,000 motorcycles on the road, Boss Hoss offers many additional accessories and different tuning. A special charm attached to the devices "personalized bike" made to order, the only one of its kind coloring. Also striking is the variety of forms of car body trikes.


Boss Hoss continues to expand the horizons for his V8 motorcycles. In January 2006, the Boss Hoss motorcycles and their production received full approval from the European Union (EU), so the vehicle became available to Europeans. In August 2006, Boss Hoss pleased the motorcycle world by introducing the new Super Sport bike. Super Sport - the first new model to appear on the market since the release of the "502" model in 2000. A lower pilot landing, a shorter wheelbase and an improved suspension will make you feel that you are part of the Super Sport ... This latest development from Boss Hoss was created in a special way to attract a wider range of motorcyclists. Created in a true innovative spirit, these dream cars will continue to amaze the most fastidious biker.


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