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2013 Boom Trikes Lineup
2013 Boom Trikes Lineup
2013 Boom Trikes Lineup.pdf
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Boom Trike Mustang ST1 Brochure
Boom Trike Mustang ST1 Brochure
Boom Trike Mustang ST1 Brochure.pdf
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History of Boom Trikes

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The German company Boom Trikes has been specializing in trike production since 1990.


The first two-seater three-wheeler was made on the units of a used car with a parallelogram front fork. Until 1998, the company sold its equipment exclusively in its own country.


But after passing all the tests, it entered the international market. By this time, the lineup consisted of four different models that have passed numerous tests and trials.

In 2001, engineers develop and begin production of kits for converting serial motorcycles into tricycles, and by 2009 they begin their serial production.


In addition, the production of the updated rear-engined trike Vario, Muscle, Fighter and Mustang continues. When producing trikes, all the wishes of the customer are taken into account.


So, even the anthropometric data of the future owner is used to create maximum comfort.


Most of the parts are handmade, with polished stainless steel being widely used.