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Kreidler service manual
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History of Kreidler Motorcycles

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Located in the suburbs of Stuttgart, Kreidler Werke specialized in the manufacture of semi-finished metal products (pipes, castings, stampings, etc.) for the German engineering industry.


However, in 1951 the company logo appeared on the K50 moped.


2-cylinder 1-cylinder 2-stroke 49 cc engine It was interlocked with a 2-speed gearbox (switching was carried out using the rotary handle of the steering wheel) and was started by bicycle pedals.


The power unit was suspended from a frame curved in the form of the letter “U” from a large diameter pipe.


The front was a simple telescopic fork, the rear wheel was fixed rigidly. Soon there appeared a “luxury” modification K50 with a short front fork, rear pendulum suspension and a motor covered with stamped panels.


Cheap and well-made, these cars immediately provided the company with a good reputation and high profits. In autumn 1955, the scooter R50 added to the range of two mopeds.

It was a K50 chassis, covered with stamped lining with a small front shield and a polik underfoot; kickstarter replaced bicycle-type pedals.


But the main novelty of the season is modernized engines, which began to be installed on all three models.


For the first time in the practice of motorcycle engines, it was possible to get rid of the sleeve: it was replaced by a layer of hard chrome.


At the end of 1980, the lightweight motorcycle Flott made its debut with a traditional 50 cc horizontal engine suspended from a tubular frame, and a series with a brand new vertical 79 cc 8 hp engine. - Road Florett 80 and a dual-purpose motorcycle Mustang 80.


These efforts could no longer save the company, which in 1982 announced the elimination of motorcycle production.


Ironically, the brand continued to win the competition even after its official disappearance.