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APRILIA Motorcycle Fault Codes

APRILIA Motorcycle Fault Codes DTC


To display fault codes:


1)  Remove right side panel (the piece that covers the rear subframe and lower gas tank) by removing the two 4mm button-head Allen bolts. Be careful of the plastic tabs on the backside of the panels.


2) You will find two unconnected wires near a big harness clip near the side of the battery. You cannot miss these wires. They are the only 2 unconnected wires in there.


3) Connect the two wires together.


4) Turn key  switch to "ON/RUN".


5) DO NOT start or attempt to start engine.


6) The message "DIAG" should appear on left LCD screen along with a number indicating the Fault Code.


7) If your bike is still under warranty, let your Aprilia dealer do all of this.

Component Fault Code DTC Possible Cause
Camshaft position sensor 11 Sensor not connected.

Sensor broken.

Wiring faulty.

Crankshaft position sensor 12
Intake pressure sensor 13
Intake pressure sensor 14 Excessive pressure difference between two pressure sensors
Throttle position sensor 15 Sensor not connected.

Sensor broken.

Wiring faulty.

Coolant temperature sensor 21
Air temperature sensor 22
Atmospheric pressure sensor (inside ECU) 23 Sensor faulty
Ignition coil 1, Front cylinder 33 Ignition coil faulty or wiring not connected
Ignition coil 2, Front cylinder 34
Ignition coils 1 and 2, Front cylinder 33,34
Ignition coil 1, Rear cylinder 35
Ignition coil 2, Rear cylinder 36
Ignition coils 1 and 2, Rear cylinder 35,36
Fall Sensor (tip-over sensor) 41 Sensor not connected.

Sensor broken.

Wiring faulty.